Three brothers who get out there
Valeria - About 3MOMI
Fabio - About 3MOMI
Roberto - About 3MOMI

The birth of 3Momi

The CIDI family business was started in 1978 by our father, Girolamo, to produce injection moulded eyeframe components.
By the mid 1980s, we were creating complete sunglass and optical eyeframes to meet the latest consumer trends.

Today, on the eve of our 40th year, we are uniquely positioned to support our customers’business development plans.
We achieve this with very high customer service levels and innovative, handcrafted 3MOMI eyewear products that are 100% designed and produced by us in Segusino, in the Province of Treviso, Italy.

3MOMI is the story of three siblings; three siblings that rose to the challenge.
After the extensive experience gained within the CIDI family business, our great passion has led us towards this challenge.
A challenge that led to this triumph.

Why "3Momi"

After the experience gained within the CIDI family business, our passion has pushed us towards this great new challenge.

The 3MOMI brand was born of our family: the name 3MOMI originates from the name of our father, Girolamo, nicknamed “MOMO”, preceded by the number “3”, identifying the three siblings; Valeria, Fabio and Roberto.

Traditional craftsmanship

Entirely Italian production

High quality materials

Quick order turnaround

Patented technologies

Accuracy and on-time delivery