Sì Italiano

Italians, the real deal

What we mean by “Made in Italy”

Many use the phrase “Made in Italy”. So how do you recognize a (true) Italian?

The new 2017-2018 3MOMI promotional campaign captures the authentic Italian character, without compromise, with “SI, ITALIANO!”.

We wanted to capture the true essence of “Made in Italy” and focus on what makes us unique, both as individuals and as a company.

Italianesque through gestures

The core of the new 3MOMI campaign is Italianesque, a language at once both universal and cross-cultural.

Nobody in the world communicates like Italians; we do not only use words or tone of voice, but also extravagant, clear, unique, passionate, unmistakable gestures.

The story

The story unfolds as a classic Italian family lunch: a focus of positive energy, where all the essential aspects of being Italian are clearly in place.

These are features you will discover in every 3MOMI eyewear product.

Sì italiano! - 3MOMI per il Made In Italy

Design, passion, love, family, craftsmanship and a bit of that anti-formality typical of us Italians.

Because 3Momi is so inimitable.