The story of 3MOMI

One man’s passion for eyewear.

A family’s deep bond.

Three siblings’ ambition.

These ingredients are what make 3MOMI. The eyewear brand traces its roots back to CIDI, a company created by Girolamo Coppe in 1978 as a workshop for coating injected moulded frames, which went on to specialise in the production of complete frames for sunglasses and glasses.

3MOMI means family. You can tell by the name: it all starts from the nickname of father Girolamo, known as “Momo”, and the subsequent idea of using it in combination with the number “3” which represents his three siblings – Valeria, Fabio and Roberto – united by this ambitious project.

3MOMI eyewear has always been designed to be an everyday choice – glasses that are easily worn and reflect the many different shades of personality of those that choose them.

High-class materials, sought-after colours, Italian design and cutting-edge technology: all characteristics that helped 3MOMI win the prestigious SILMO D’OR prize in 2013, a recognition of the brand’s growth journey and innovation.

A choice without compromise: 3MOMI is a proud symbol of real Italian spirit. From locating the best raw materials to design, from moulding to coating, every pair of glasses is designed and made solely in Italy and celebrates, without compromise, the essence of Italian manufacturing.

Capturing what makes us truly unique in an expression of ourselves. This is 3MOMI.