The 3MOMI process – Product industrialisation

The process is based on a clear-cut method that is both tried and tested but also continually adapted in the interest of progress. This is what guarantees the high quality and precision of our 3MOMI glasses.

From an idea to design

Everything starts from an idea or a sketch on a piece of paper: something intangible the details of which can then be defined and elaborated upon to make a 3D model. The design of the glasses is a decisive phase since it determines the key criteria for prototyping.

From design to prototyping

The prototype is based on careful and meticulous design and allows you to touch and try out the frame for the first time. We use a 3D printer to create the prototype and, by subjecting it to all the phases of production of a normal frame, we are able to identify and assess any design issues or faults.

From the prototype to the mould

Once the model has been defined with the utmost precision, we proceed to make the mould. This phase, like all the others, is carried out entirely in-house. By managing every phase of production of the mould in-house, we are able to ensure absolute quality control.

Upon completion of all stages of the machining process (roughing, hardening and finishing), the mould is ready for production.

This is how a 3MOMI branded product evolves from an idea.