3momi after Covid-19

Tackling the Covid-19 emergency has not been an easy challenge for us either. Since the emergency began, we have had to rethink and modify small company procedures and habits to ensure maximum safety for all employees and associates.

This challenge caught us by surprise, but we were not unprepared. Even before the health emergency, we have always placed the health and safety of our employees and their families at the top of our priorities.

During this emergency, we have implemented all the necessary forms of protection and distancing to ensure that everyone can work in complete safety.
Behind each pair of 3momi eyewear, entirely made in Italy, you will find this too: care and attention for our workers and their families, for a safe working environment and the protection of all their rights.

This is why we strive to produce 100% Made in Italy products. Because we believe that much more can be found in each and every pair of our glasses! The quality of the raw materials, the attention at every stage of production and the guarantee that each pair of our eyewear is produced in a safe environment, which respects all applicable regulations.


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