The 3momi process: The painting

Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

(Wassily Kandinsky)


We would like to talk about the painting processing phase today, to explain to you how it is done in the 3momi labs and take you backstage for a few minutes inside our factories.

After passing the first stages of processing, we have a frame with its particular profile, but still there is no colour.

It is in this phase, therefore, that our glasses come to life, and it is the colour that gives them character and personality.


We at 3momi have a long history and a great deal of experience in this particular phase of the process. The company was founded in 1978 by our father Girolamo as a workshop for the painting of injected moulded frames.

Experience and professionalism are two essential characteristics for our collaborators, in fact, the painting is carried out by spraying, and manual skill and precision are the elements that allow each of our frames to be finished down to the smallest detail.

It is precisely the manual work that renders each of our models unique, and like an artist who cannot reproduce the same work twice, the painting transforms our glasses into unique pieces, the result of handmade craftsmanship.


So far, we have told you about how our frames get their colour, but now let us take a step back to talk to you about how we choose 3momi colours.

This important task is entrusted to Roberto, the “creative” one of the three brothers.

It is he who, just like a painter, plays with the colours and their combinations to obtain the perfect shade for our frames. The inspiration comes from the world of fashion but also from nature, from the colours that surround us, combined with a touch of creativity.


As we told you a little while ago, our company was founded around this phase of the process, and we have always believed in the importance of not entrusting it to third parties.

This decision, in fact, has allowed us to be more flexible and meet the needs of our customers but not only, it has also allowed us to fully express the creativity and design of 3momi.

Indeed, creating new colours is not always an immediate process. Sometimes it can take days of tests and combinations until the desired nuance is attained, which represents the design and style of made in Italy eyewear.


Today, we took you with us on a journey into the heart of our production, the place where simple unfinished frames come to life with 3momi colours.