The 3momi Tumbling process

After they are successfully moulded, our glasses are subjected to tumbling.

This is a finishing treatment for the glasses that eliminates imperfections and smooths and adds shine to the surfaces of both the fronts and the temples.

Tumbling is necessary to prepare the injected glasses for painting, and for the subsequent finishing phases.

The tumbling processes are carried out on milled, laser-cut or moulded products to remove burrs and rub down the edges and surfaces making them smoother and shinier.

The careful execution of these processes and selection of the right method and most suitable machinery is what determines the quality of the final product and its level of perfection.

The tumbling process can be carried out in two ways: dry and wet. The choice between wet and dry is determined by the type of material and the shape of the component to be tumbled. We use both the dry and wet tumbling process.

It is very important to be able to decide on the type of tumbling, the quantity of pieces to work, the “dressing” to use and the correct time to achieve the customer’s desired result.

This is why we at 3momi place great importance not only on the technology of the equipment but also on the skill and expertise of all our collaborators to produce eyewear of the highest quality.